What happens at an appointment? 

You remain fully clothed while lying on the massage table. I will ask you to place your limb in a specific position and you will be asked to hold it while medium pressure is exerted for 3 seconds and the pressure is then released. When the muscle holds, the limb remains stable under pressure and is considered balanced. When a muscle doesn't hold, it is an indication of an energy disturbance which needs correcting.

An imbalance can be due to a wide range of issues including emotional disturbance, unhealed trauma, a nutritional deficiency or food intolerance, or a structural problem. After completing the muscle test we muscle test for the priorities your body needs to correct for the healing to take place and undertake them during the session.


A balance might consist of various emotional stress release techniques, acupressure point massage or holding, gentle structural realignment, chakra balancing, massage therapy or suggested lifestyle and nutritional changes.

The exact balances you receive depends on the feedback your body gives through the muscle test. A balance is different for everyone, as everyone is unique.